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ARM Class Notes

2-Comparison of Embedded Systems with general purpose processors (1) L-12 Comparison of ARM and PIC embedded Sys L-13 ARM Data path L-14 ARM Registers L-15 ARM Instruction set L-16 ARM Exception Programming L-17 ARM interrupts L-19 ARM Thumb Architecture L-20 ARM Bus L-21 Serial Parallel Communication L-22 DMA L-23 Amba I2C L-24 SPI L-25 ARM […]

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Solution to MPMC may 2019 GGSIPU

Solution for End Term Examination 2019 1(a) Is there some minimum pulse width required for the INTR signal in case of 8085 microprocessor? Explain with reason.          3 Solution: Assuming 8085 microprocessor based system running at 3 MHz clock frequency T = 1/3 x 106 = 0.333 μs 8085 checks INTR, one clock period before […]

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Logical, Shift and Rotate Instructions 8085

Logical, Shift and Rotate Instructions of 8085: Logical instruction are used to perform the logical operations such as AND, OR, NOT, XOR, compare, rotate left, rotate right etc. These are described below with examples of each Logical Instructions: Name of Instruction Mnemonic and Format Description Flags Affected>/td> Logical Compare CMP opr Used to Compare ACC […]

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