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Arithmetic Instruction (8086)

Arithmetic Instructions The instruction in this group include ADD, ADC, INC, AAA, DAA, SUB, SBB, DEC, NEG, CMP, AAS, DAS,  MUL, IMUL, AAM, DIV, IDIV, AAD, CBW, BWD. These instruction require two operands which act as destination and the source. Almost all the instructions affect the flags. Instruction Format Flags affected Description Processing ADD ADD […]

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Data Transfer Instruction 8086

Data Transfer Instructions These instructions are used to transfer the data from one operand to another. The source operand could be a literal, in a register, memory, or even an i/o port, as the case may be. Examples of  data transfer instructions are: MOV, XCHG, XLAT, LEA, LDS, LES, PUSH, POP, IN and OUT. These […]

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Instruction Set 8086

Classification of instructions 8086 instructions may be classified as: Classification based on size of the instruction: As discussed in topic on instruction format 8086 instruction can be from 1 to 6 byte long. The first two bytes indicate the OPCODE and the addressing Classification based on the addressing modes: The addressing mode affect the size […]

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