Month: March 2020

Reciprocity of Parameters

Reciprocity Condition in two port Parameters Reciprocity Theorem states that the two networks are said to be reciprocal of each other if the ratio of the source voltage t one port to response (current) in other branch remain unchanged upon interchanging the position of the excitation and the response From Network-1, the Response to Excitation […]

Transmission Parameters

Transmission Parameters: A network is an interconnection of basic electrical elements. A network is called an electric circuit when it has current and voltage sources connected to it. Thus an electric is a closed energized network. Figure below shows an electric network and an electrical circuit. Two-Port Network We can write the equations for the […]

hybrid (h) Parameter

Hybrid or h parameter.Widely used in modeling electronic components and circuits particularly the transistor. It is call hybrid because both the open and short circuit parameters are used.Here the difference with the Z and Y parameter is that we use voltage at one port and the current at the other port Hybrid (h) Parameters PDF

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