8051 Instructions

Instructions of 8051

An instruction performs a specific operation. The instructions in 8051 can be classified as per the size they take up in memory or as per the function they perform.

Classification as per Size

  1. Single Byte instructions
  2. Two Byte instructions
  3. 3 Byte Instructions

Classification based on the function

  1. Data Transfer Instruction : MOV, MOVC, MOVX, SWAP, XCH, XCHG, PUSH, POP
  2. Arithmetic Instruction       : ADD, ADDC, INC, SUB, SUBB, DEC, DA, MUL, DIV
  3. Branch Type Instructions : ACALL, LCALL, JMP, SJMP,
  4. Logical Instructions
  5. Rotate Instructions

Date Transfer Instructions

These are used to move or transfer data from source to destination. The source may be an immediate data, a register or a RAM or ROM location, the destination may be a register or RAM location.



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