8254 Software-Programmable Timer/Counter

The Intel 8254 is a counter/timer device designed to solve the common timing control problems in microcomputer system design. It provides three independent 16-bit counters, each capable of handling clock inputs up to 10 MHz. All modes are software programmable. The 8254 uses HMOS technology and comes in a 24-pin plastic or CERDIP package.


The 8254 is a programmable interval timer/counter designed for use with Intel microcomputer systems. It is a general purpose, multi-timing element that can be treated as an array of I/O ports in the system software. The 8254 solves one of the most common problems in any microcomputer system, the generation of accurate time delays under software control. Instead of setting up timing loops in software, the programmer configures the 8254 to match his requirements and programs one of the counters for the desired delay. After the desired delay, the 8254 will interrupt the CPU. Software overhead is minimal and variable length delays can easily be accommodated.

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