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Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol

Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol   RSTP was introduced to overcome the limitations of the spanning tree protocol (STP). Advantage of STP: Though STP ensures a loop-free network. Problem with STP: With increased topology changes, STP slows down the network topology convergence speed, leading to service deterioration causing regular interruption. RSTP employs a proposal and agreement […]

Spanning Tree Protocol

Spanning Tree Protocol As a enterprise networks expands it require more number of switches. Switches are a point-to-point interconnections via end systems are able to forward frames to destinations located via other switches within the broadcast domain. The failure of one switch or its link results in the immediate isolation of the downstream connectivity. In […]

IP Addressing

IP Addressing IP addressing is the role of the layer-3 ‘Network Layer’ in OSI Model or Layer-2 ‘Internet layer’ in TCP/IP model. IPv4 Header The IP header is used to support two key operations, routing and fragmentation. Routing is the mechanism that allows traffic from a given network to be forwarded to other networks, since […]

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