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Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers Review

These days, we are seeing fewer speakers such as the Edifier R1280T. They are designed to be used with both home stereos and computers. They have dual inputs that allow multiple sound sources to be connected simultaneously. And unlike many other products in this price range they do not support wireless technology. The handsome stereo pair looks more expensive than its modest $99.99 price. It has wood veneer paneling. The audio department is also quite impressive with the R1280T’s rich, bright, balanced sound signature, and adjustable EQ. The R1280T is our Editors’ Choice for budget PC speakers due to its elegant design and excellent audio performance.


The R1280T speakers measure 9.2 inches by 5.7 inches by 7.7 inch (HWD). They have wood veneer paneling along the sides and a matte metallic top. They can be removed from the grilles made of gray cloth and have the Edifier logo at their bottom. Each speaker has a 4-inch woofer and a 13mm silk dome Tweeter. There is also a port that allows air to circulate and allows the drivers to work more efficiently. The power source for the right speaker is the detachable cable that connects to the left unit. The right speaker has an IR sensor that can be used as a remote control. It has three buttons: Mute, Volume Up and Volume Down.

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Dual RCA inputs are provided on the back panel of the right speaker. The PC label is on the right speaker’s back panel. An included 3.5mm cable to connect to RCA can be used with both mobile devices and PCs. The other label is AUX. A second RCA-toRCA cable can be used with stereo equipment or with a television with RCA outputs. Also located on the back panel are the power switch, and hardwired power cables. Wireless connectivity is not available, but you can stream music from your smartphone or other device via Bluetooth.

A recessed area houses three knobs. It is located on the right speaker’s right side panel. The volume knob is at the bottom, while the middle and top are for bass and treble. The detents on the middle of the dial are the neutral setting. The volume control does not have a visual indicator other than a plus or minus sign. This means you cannot simply glance at it to see what setting your system is set to. There is no stopping point. The dial turns full revolutions so that you cannot simply turn it to the left to know that volume is at its lowest setting. You can rotate it in this direction and it will turn low. However, any visual indicator would have been useful. Below these dials is a power LED.

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