Magnitude and Phase angle of the coefficients in the network function

Let the network function be written as :

N(s) = P(s) / Q(s)

Above equation consist of factors of general form where pr and pn are complex frequencies. Their difference is also a complex frequency which  can be written as:

Where Mnr is the magnitude of the phasor and Φnr is the phase angle of the same phasor


All Ms and phase angles can be calculated using the pole zero plot on s-plane

Procedure for calculation of M and Φ

    1. Plot the pole zero of the network function
    2. Measure the distance of M1r, M2r … of a given pole from each zero
    3. Measure the distance of Mar, Mbr … of a given pole from each other finite pole
    4. Measure the angle Φ1r, Φ2r … from each of the finite zero
    5. Measure the angle Φar, Φbr … from each of the finite pole
    6. Substitute and find the values of Kr
Updated: April 21, 2020 — 11:19 pm

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