Synthesis of Decoders in VHDL

Decoder Design using VHDL Objective: To learn how to write VHDL code To Learn how to do functional simulation To do study of the synthesis done by VHDL and the theoretical desin obtained using algebraic solution. Requirement: A computer system installed with XILINX VHDL Theory: Theory: A decoder generally decodes a binary value into a […]

Synthesis of De-Multiplexers using VHDL

Write VHDL programs for synthesizing of DeMultiplexer  Objective: To learn the VHDL coding for Demultiplexer To understand the behavior of Demultiplexer To synthesize and simulate Demultiplexer Theory: A de-multiplexer is a combinational circuit that behavior opposite to a multiplexer. It has a single input, ‘S’ control inputs and 2S as output lines. Only one of […]

Synthesis of Multiplexer

Write VHDL programs for the following circuits, check the wave forms and the hardware generated multiplexer   De-Multiplexer Objective: To learn the VHDL coding for Multiplexer To understand the behavior of Multiplexer To Synthesize multi-bit MUxes To Synthesize larger MUXs using smaller MUXs To simulate Multiplexer Theory: A multiplexer is a combinational circuit which has […]

Parallel Adders

Parallel Adders Objective: To understand how FA can be cascaded to for adding multi-bit numbers. To develop VHDL code for design of VHDL Code in different style of modeling To synthesize and simulate the parallel adders Theory: A Full adder is a combinational circuit that adds two one bit numbers along with a carry from the […]

BCD Adder

AIM: To Synthesize the BCD Adder and Generate the hardware and the waveform Objective: To understand basic process of addition To understand the VHDL syntax To Synthesize the BCD adder circuit To simulate verify the result Theory: BCD numbers are represented as 4-bit code. With 4-bits, we can have 16 binary combinations of which only […]

Schematic Design Entry in VHDL

Schematic Design Entry in VHDL Open the ISE project navigator by double clicking on the icon Go to file Click new project, Type the name of the project in new project window and click next. Select device family, device, package, speed grade and design flow and click next in the design properties window. Click next […]

Boolean Function

Boolean Functions The following steps are generally followed while designing the logic circuits using Boolean functions. Analysis of the given statement of the problem to find the number of variables Writing the truth table from the given statement Conversion of the truth table into a logic function/ Boolean expression using standard product of sums(SOP) or […]

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